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Reviews Revisited: Metro 2033 Redux

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 16 Jan 2019.

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    I concede that Metro 2033: Redux is a better game than Metro 2033 from an objective standpoint, but I preferred the original for a couple of things.

    I felt the lead into the library was a bit better paced, Redux forces you to gobble up your ammunition and health kits right before one of the hardest sections of the game, it undermines the tension a bit too. The original is also a bit more open to variety in play style. With redux deleting the early game Volt Driver and the merchant selling the Armour/Stealth suits at Armoury Station you more railroaded into playing the game how the designers want in each segment, instead of getting to choose between being a ninja or the Terminator. I also miss the heavy belt fed shotgun from the redux, it might ruin the tension to Duke Nukem your way through the library, but it is so much fun.

    But none of those nitpicks should take away from how great th Redux is, the Redux of Last Light is also slightly different from the original, albeit more subtly.
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