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Development Rewriting URLs

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by SE_vish, 21 Oct 2011.

  1. SE_vish

    SE_vish What's a Dremel?

    21 Oct 2011
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    Hey, I am Vaishali - software Developer

    This problem is for site developed in Asp. let say abc(dot)com
    Now prob is: this particular site can be open by 5 different URL's

    1. http://abc(dot)com/index.aspx
    2. http://www(dot)abc(dot)com/
    3. http://abc(dot)com/
    4. http://www(dot)abc(dot)com/index.aspx
    5. http://abc(dot)com/index.html

    Now as per search engine rules. It is considered as 5 different sites.
    It is hosted in window server, Microsoft-IIS/6.0.
    I have to redirect all these URLs into one, "http://www(dot)abc(dot)com"
    There is a file web config in windows server where we write rules for redirections or rewriting. These rules are also named as 301 redirects.
    This task is not a problem if it is apache server but it is windows server.

    Now I need a solution of this problem that how do I redirect all these URLs into one.

    I find some solution, like :

    1. there is a code (<httpRedirect enabled="true" destination="http://www(dot)abc(dot)com" httpResponseStatus="Permanent" />), it is used for redirection purpose but It is not working in windows server.

    2. there is another code (<link rel="canonical" href="http://www(dot)abc(dot)com>), this particular code can be placed in home page of site. It will not redirect other URLs but search engine will put all links to the defined URL in href tag.

    3. I also want to know about masking of URLs. It is a technique through which dirty URLs can mask into good URLs, for eg: http://www(dot)abc(dot)com/xyz_network.php?Module=quote is consider as dirty URL because search engine will not consider "?module=quote" etc. Now through masking we can redirect this particular URL into good one like http://www(dot)abc(dot)com/find_quotes, now it is search engine friendly urls which is easily readable.

    Please some one help me to sort these issues . I be highly grateful
    Waiting for your fast response. :wallbash:

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