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Windows Rise of Nations - low disk space for swapping file

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Moyo2k, 29 Oct 2010.

  1. Moyo2k

    Moyo2k AMD Fanboy

    11 May 2009
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    Trying to install Rise of Nations on an old XP (SP3) PC, keep getting to about 35% before it says (extracting file game2.cab failed, low disk space for swapping files) I tried increasing the virtual RAm all the way up to 32768MB but it didn't do anything, checked the disk drive, still nothing... it's annoying because I got it fully installed before uninstalling it because it kept crashing to try and reinstall it

    Any ideas?
  2. robots

    robots New Member

    27 May 2010
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    I found this on tinternet:

    1. Disable any firewall / antivirus software;

    2. Click My Computer / Rightclick the Drive & Choose Properties
    / Run the "Disk Cleanup..." / Next Click the "Tools" Tab and run
    the "Error-Checking" and "Defragmentation" utilities.

    3. Try installing again. Good luck! :)

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