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Rules Specific to Project Logs - MUST READ BEFORE POSTING.

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by macroman, 30 Nov 2003.

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  1. macroman

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    3 Sep 2001
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    Project Logs

    This is a forum dedicated to all fellow modders who want to share their hard work when building or modding new projects. All are welcome and infact encouraged to display or comment but there are a few rules specific to this forum which must be adhered to. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse.

    This is a good place to show off your skills or provide feedback to the creators but spam is not tolerated.

    Pictures and work submitted to this forum are deemed to be freely offered to bit-tech.net for their use and we retain the right to use such material as we see appropriate.

    If your project has that certain "something" we may ask you to write it up as a fully credited article for the main site . Please note any articles so requested and accepted by the creator will be deemed to be exclusive to bit-tech.net and shall not be reproduced elsewhere. (Personal web space excepted).

    If you feel that your project has that certain "something" and warrants publication on the bit-tech main site , (subject to the above point), you can e-mail me here but please remember I might say "no".

    What qualifies as a project log:

    Projects that you have started to work on and is ongoing. Finished cases should be posted in the Modding section since this isn't a case gallery. One exception to this rule is a finished project which is written up as a log complete with pictures and history. In other words it must look and read like a project log.

    What does not qualify as a project log:

    Finished projects. These should be posted in the Modding section since this isn't a case gallery.

    No pictures = no log in this section.

    Links to pictures and write up's on other sites. If you have problem with hosting pictures then check the end of this link for hosts.

    Project plans like "this is an idea I have". Dreamers/talkers are welcome to use other sections of the forum. This section is for solid work only.

    'Joke' mods that aren't actual computer modding projects.

    Threads posted in the Project Logs, that do not qualify as project logs under these rules, will be moved to the appropriate section of the forum - usually Modding. When or if the thread later qualifies as a project log, notify an Admin or Moderator and it may be moved back, although a new thread is usually preferable.

    General guidelines:

    Pictures are a requirement but please remember not everyone is on broadband so keep them to 800 pix or less wide. (400 - 600 pix is preferred)

    If pictures turn to red x's for a significant period then the thread will be removed. If you are having hosting probs, there are plenty of folks who would be willing to help out on this forum, just ask. See here for some useful info.

    Use project name as subject, if you don't have a name just do a short description. Since pictures are a requirement there is no need to include a warning for dial-up users *56K* etc.

    This is a busy forum so to keep things easy for readers, project title including any notes and 'updated' tags should be kept to 60 characters in length. Anything longer will probably be truncated by a moderator.

    All posts must adhere to the forum rules .

    Please keep the discussion free from spam. Spam will be deleted without warning or prejudice to keep logs on topic as the log author intended. As it says in this post title "Must read before posting" so don't complain if your spam suddenly disappears.

    These rules are to help ensure everyone has a pleasurable time here and they may be changed without notice.

    Enjoy and admire and have fun...

    macro out.
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