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Displays Screen Swapping

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by winterbagel, 2 Dec 2009.

  1. winterbagel

    winterbagel New Member

    7 Nov 2009
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    Wondering if "all screens are created equal" - more or less, at least between OEM laptop setups?

    I understand that Dell, Acer etc. don't actually make screens, they get them from different companies like Samsung, LG etc - and that those outfits have their followers as far as quality goes. I'm interested in knowing if spec wise are they interchangeable - kind of like car parts?

    IE: is a 15.4" 1280X800 WXGA single CCFL glossy/matte from an Acer swappable with a 15.4" 1280X800 WXGA single CCFL glossy/matte from a Dell?

    When browsing screen seller sites and comparing info, there really doesn't seem to be any difference between screen info except for that information.

    The difference seems to lie in the lap models inverters etc, which don't necessarily come with the screen anyway. So if all else was good and your screen just cracked couldn't you just swap in another with the same screen specs?

    Here I am with a running nice lap - bleeding screen, another with a wonky motherboard with beautiful screen (but wrong size)... then a local fellow has a good buy for his lid with a screen that matches mine in specs except his is from an Acer and my needs are Dell...

    He won't take it apart to see the manufacture numbers so I'd have to buy it on a guess and take it apart myself - could it work?

    He has - complete lid from Acer 5100 15.4" 1280X800 WXGA single CCFL glossy (built in web cam)
    I need - screen only for Dell 1525 15.4" 1280X800 WXGA single CCFL glossy (mine has no web cam)

    Thanks much for upping my education :D

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