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Hardware Sennheiser G4ME Zero Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Meanmotion, 29 Jan 2014.

  1. SchizoFrog

    SchizoFrog New Member

    5 May 2009
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    Just want to say thanks for the honest opinions regarding onboard sound. As for gaming headsets, I think I would always prefer to have a decent set of wireless cans for my music/movies and then use a separate mic for in game chat, especially as I have a Blue Snowball USB mic for radio/podcasts.
  2. wafflesomd

    wafflesomd New Member

    22 Oct 2005
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    Still better off just getting a good set of headphones and clip on/desk mic.
  3. Silver51

    Silver51 I cast flare!

    24 Jul 2006
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    I have two pairs of PC350s, one of which runs through a Behringer Xenyx 802 connecting the PC, laptop and television outputs. I can add more bass through the mixer but to be honest, it's not necessary.


    No. Well, maybe.

    A good condenser mic is a reasonable upgrade, however the PC350's mic is good enough to use in recordings. On the other end of the scale, cheap desktop mics aren't worth the time and make you sound like you're talking from the bottom of a bucket.

    Last edited: 30 Jan 2014
  4. rainbowbridge

    rainbowbridge Well-Known Member

    26 Apr 2009
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    Hopefully some one from Sennheiser is reading this.

    Sennheiser why did you release the PC360 with a known design flaw in the MIC activation arm relay such that thousands and thousands of your headsets BREAK and the mic no longer "works", because the relay stops activating.

    I am SUPER pissed with this company and have promised to myself never to buy another Sennheiser product again.

    Unless some one from Sennheiser comes on here and explains how this product has taken into its design and FIXED the PC360 arm activation relay issue (go and google it... PC360 mic no longer working).

    I am in the market for a new gaming headphone and this headphone is in my price range but because of how I feel about the horrible pc360 issue which your company did not address I will not be purchasing this or any other Sennheiser product, also I will steer corporate purchases away from you guys too.

    If you release a product with moving parts, YOU MAKE SURE IT WORKS AND WORKS AND DOES NOT FAIL IN 6MONTHS OR 12 MONTHS, especially 12 months because that's when my warranty runs out.

    Very convention for you but not for the thousands of people that bought the PC360.

    Im really pissed with this company about this issue and I am a relaxed person about stuff,
  5. Meanmotion

    Meanmotion bleh Moderator

    16 Nov 2003
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    For the sake of talking in a game a clip on mic is sufficient, I don't think there can really be much argument there. Obviously it wants to be of a certain quality but there should still be plenty of options for under £50, leaving £150 for proper headphones. Or buy the Grado SR80 and have £50 for a game! If you want a mic for recordings there are countless better ways of spending your money.
  6. Saivert

    Saivert New Member

    26 Mar 2005
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    meh.. I prefer my Beyer Dynamic DT770s with Antlion modmic.
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