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Networks Sharing internet connection with crossover cable

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kinglemur, 24 Sep 2012.

  1. Kinglemur

    Kinglemur What's a Dremel?

    6 Jul 2009
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    Hello all :)

    I've got a windows 7 laptop connected to a wireless network in a shared flat. I've also got an old windows xp machine that I would like to connect to this network.

    I can't connect to the wireless network using the PC without buying extra kit, however I do have an old crossover cable :rock: I've never used one of these before so I consulted this guide (and others like it) which didn't work :(

    Can anyone advise on why/give me some extra tips? I've simply attached the cable, enabled sharing on the laptop as per link and tried to access the internet through the pc. There's "limited connectivity" and no webpages will load on the pc :confused:

    Any prods in the right direction gratefully received.
  2. mm vr

    mm vr The cheesecake is a lie

    18 Nov 2007
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    You don't need a special crossover cable -- modern NICs support auto-MDIX, which means they can automatically switch to crossover mode when necessary.

    I have done exactly what you're trying to do and it worked fine, so it's definitely possible. :)

    If I remember correctly, you have to share the wireless network, not the wired one. This fooled me the first time I did it.

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