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Windows Simple, differential, non-archiving/compressing, backup software

Discussion in 'Software' started by Cptn-Inafinus, 26 Jun 2015.

  1. Cptn-Inafinus

    Cptn-Inafinus Member

    3 Mar 2007
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    Hey all,

    It's been a very long time since I last logged on to here. I'm delighted to see little has changed in layout. Even the front page is pretty similar! Is anyone still making jokes about Cheesecake?

    As above, I'm looking for software to do a pretty specific task. I'm trying to take my backup solution a little more seriously, but have some specific ideas in mind.

    What I want ideally is a program that will allow me to do the following;

    • Back files up, like for like, without compressing them into a zip/other format. Like a copy and paste to a NAS device
    • Allow me to select the folders which are backed up
    • Allow me to schedule these back ups
    • Of course preferably be free, but I'd be willing to spring a little if it does exactly what I want.

    Does this exist or am I asking for something with inherit drawbacks? I like the idea of being able to navigate directly to my NAS drive and view the folders as if they were on my machine. This would be particularly nice as I am able to connect to the drive remotely and being able to avoid a 'middle man' backup software would be nice.

    If none of this has made sense, please do let me know!

    Cheers all
  2. TheMadDutchDude

    TheMadDutchDude The Flying Dutchman

    23 Aug 2013
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    Microsoft SyncToy springs to mind. I use this on our server to backup between the RAID array and a separate drive.
  3. wolfticket

    wolfticket Downwind from the bloodhounds

    19 Apr 2008
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  4. GeorgeK

    GeorgeK Swinging the banhammer Super Moderator

    18 Sep 2010
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    I use syncback - it does exactly what you want :thumb:
  5. Mister_Tad

    Mister_Tad Super Moderator Super Moderator

    27 Dec 2002
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    There's a fair few decent free options, however having tried a few of them I'm now using Bvckup2 for protection of unstructured data - https://bvckup2.com/

    It had a few bells and whistles for me that were worth the fairly low cost
    - Ability to track backups via a device ID - i.e. I have a few backup sets that automatically run upon detection of a specific external drive.
    - Real-time backups, more like replication really
    - Archival of deleted/updated/overwritten files or part-files according to a defined retention (i.e. instead of having inc/diff backup sets on top of a base full, you have the base full that's most up to date and inc/diff historical backups)
    - Ability to define the credentials it uses for a remote location (e.g. so it's able to write to the backup share, but users are only able to read from it)
    - Can run as a user or as a system process
    - Doesn't demand a professional/enterprise license at inflated cost to run the exact same software on W2012R2, unlike most (And the combination of the unmolested backups and the onboard de-dupe in 2012R2 is superb)

    It's probably one of the slickest applications I've ever used to boot.

    Might still be 15% off with code CARNOTZET-150620, which landed in my inbox last week.
  6. phuzz

    phuzz This is a title

    28 May 2004
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    I used a PowerShell script running as a scheduled task to call robocopy for my folks (ie it needed to work with no intervention at all).
    # Backup files script
    # phuzz 29/06/14
    # Set variables
    # Local path to root directory
    $localpath = "C:\Users\phuzz\"
    # List of folders to backup
    $folderlist = "Pictures", "Music", "Documents"
    # IP address of the NAS
    $NASIP = ""
    # Folder on the NAS to backup to
    $nasfolder = "\PUBLIC"
    # Check that we can access the NAS
    $path = "\\"+$NASIP+$nasfolder
    if (Test-Path $path)
    	# If we can reach the NAS, backup each folder in turn
    	{ForEach ($folder in $folderlist) 
    		# Set up the arguments for robocopy
    		# Args: /S includes subdirs, /ZB uses backup mode /XO ignores older files, /R:3 retries three times, /W:5 waits 5s between tries
    		$RCargs = "/S /ZB /XO /R:3 /W:5 "+$localpath+$folder+" "+"\\"+$NASIP+$nasfolder+"\"+$folder
    		# Run robocopy
    		Start-Process Robocopy -ArgumentList $RCargs -wait
    # Otherwise just write an error
    Else {Write-Host "Can't find NAS"}
    It worked just great until someone tidied away the little NAS and harddrive I'd set up.
  7. Cptn-Inafinus

    Cptn-Inafinus Member

    3 Mar 2007
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    Thanks cool dudes :) I'll try this first as it's free, then the paid for solution.

  8. davidbrown1988

    davidbrown1988 Member

    8 Mar 2008
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    I've been using rsync for years ever since I started out with FreeNas.

    There is a windows app called DeltaCopy which you can use to allow rsync to run on windows.


    Its Free.

    Allows you to schedule backups as a windows task so you can do pretty much anything with it. I like it as it allows me to backup the laptop at logon etc.

    It allows for one click copies of files as well. So if your hard drive is toast, replace it in the client device and in one click you can sync it back to the client machine.

    There are also rules to not remove files from server that have been deleted etc.

    You can specify folders, extensions the works.

    You can also specify almost any rsync command in the arguments bit as well.

    It only syncs the changes in files and not the whole file so it is very fast after the initial backup.

    The only problem is with permissions, being non windows based it won't automatically grant the permissions of the folder the files are going to. So for example only the NAS server admin has access rather than anyone else. I have a script that runs once a day to sort these though and depending on your needs this might not be needed.

    I also use too many batch files for bits and bobs as well, but I more use them for temp backups and zipping, encrypting and preparing for off site backups etc.
  9. Cptn-Inafinus

    Cptn-Inafinus Member

    3 Mar 2007
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    As an update for you all, I have been running syncback for a few weeks now and it is exactly what I was after. The level of control is superb and we're getting along splendidly.

    Thankyou all for the help

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