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News Sins of a Solar Empire Interview

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 6 Jun 2008.

  1. johnmustrule

    johnmustrule New Member

    12 Jan 2006
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    hmmm... was pirating a problem when games still cost less than $30? Nope, I hate how EA says they need DRM when it takes any comp novice a google.com visit to break it, in the meantime the add another 10$ to the price tag! If they would just drop the price pirating would go down and they'd make alot more money. Sins of ect. can kiss my lower parts if they expect me to pay $49 for a game and call it reasonable just because it doesn't have DRM, it's not entirely DRM free anyways so the point is moot.
  2. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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    Pirating was very much a problem back then. I remember the old Amiga games - they used to be quite cheap and often had no protection at all. I had hundreds of games for my old Amiga, but I only ever actually paid for one of them.
  3. C0nKer

    C0nKer New Member

    25 Dec 2005
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    I'd be happy to buy original games if they are available at a reasonable price here. I have been doing so for first party GameCube and N64 titles(and you can guess how few I have). Paying RM200+ for a game while earning only RM2400, is crazy.

    Games and books, I try not to get pirated ones. They don't earn much, and I feel they deserve the money for their work more than movie stars and producers who already filthy rich.
  4. ZMan

    ZMan New Member

    14 Jul 2008
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    i know this is off topic but what about a halo mod for sins? i have the demo (becuse im dirt poor) so i cant mod
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