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Cooling SLI GPU heat & fan control issues...

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Hrodwulf666, 28 Sep 2012.

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    22 Sep 2010
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    I bought myself a new GTX580 GPU from our very own Maximilian so I can run SLI.
    All was fine following the installation, nice and smooth, solid VERY high frames. All until I started tinkering with the fans to cool things down a bit. The Idles are around 40-45 on both cards. The top card is always hottest, under load the lower card hits about 75-76 and the upper card teeters holding around 85-86. I ran Fur mark for around 30mins to establish these readings and used Speed fan to monitor it the temps in game.
    I guess these readings aren’t too bad but it’s the heat the system is kicking out that’s the most alarming. I guess that its outside of the system is a good thing as the cards are dumping it through the exhaust. The rear and underside of the case was pretty darn hot and my main concern was for the PSU so I decided to look at increasing the fan speeds on the two cards.
    Initially I used EVGA precision for this but it seems that you can’t use this to set auto fan adjustments. So I downloaded MSI afterburner and looked up how to set the fans to adjust with the rising temps. The result was a bit weird as the fans didn’t adjust as the temp increased (I was monitoring this with speedfan during play) they stayed the same. Eventually the system started freezing, it did this only twice, the first time I was able to exit the game (crysis2) and close the window, the system seemed ok after this. Later it did the same In BF3 but froze completely, this required a forced restart and it blue screened on re-entry, looking at the event viewer it only showed the standard kernel error for unexpected system restarts.
    I kind of surmised that these freezes were either Speed fan or MSI Afterburner or both as it wasn’t happening before I used these (previously the system seemed stable, play was solid and NO freezing, frames were flying) its ONLY when I became bothered by the temps and started experimenting that problems occurred. Removing these seems to have solved the problem. However I am unsure if it was one or the other or both together (conflict) that caused the problems. I’m not sure if there is a problem syncing the cards or the fans?

    I also decided that perhaps it was a good idea to update my nVidia drivers. I have been using 301.42 as they are really stable and provide some real performance boosts, but I installed the new ones 306 something, I have heard these are not as reliable. BUT I detected some graphical abnormalities in BF3 that I didn’t like ( I later found out that this has something to do with the armoured kill update as is actually the game rather than the drivers). So I uninstalled 306 and attempted to reinstall 301.42, now windows would not allow this to be installed it said that “This driver is not compatible with this version of windows” I imagine whatever Microsoft updates windows was spamming me with prohibits the use of any drivers below the new 306version. I attempted then to reinstall 301.42 from the nVidia site, this was permitted but just before completion windows made the “disconnect” sound and blue screened on me, So I restated (all seems ok) ok and reinstalled the new 306. I defragged then to smooth over any inconsistencies (this took ages despite my defrag after initial hardware installation) and again rebooted. I then just played a few games to see at least what was what and it seems that everything is fine. The drivers are quite stable after all and frames are good and solid under a full load. Even the temps seem slightly better after around 30 min’s to an hour, although the room is getting quite warm, there is a sizeable gap on all sides around the case and the GPU exhausts blow out into a gap of just over 30 cm so I am well aware of the heat through the circulation of air, as I say it can only be a good thing that this isn’t inside the case.
    So although no huge issues now I’m back to square one with the heat issue. Id rather try and solve this by conventional means as I, NOT able to financially of mentally consider liquid cooling, call me a Luddite but I’m about as disposed to running liquid through my system as I am holding my dick near a fan.

    Any suggestions?

    Any known issues with using MSI Afterburner and Speedfan together?

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