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Peripherals So I'm after a mouse...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Fordy, 24 May 2012.

  1. davefelcher

    davefelcher New Member

    14 Aug 2009
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    The shaped and textured WASD keys are really good. Much harder to lose them in a game.
  2. Fordy

    Fordy Member

    28 Feb 2010
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    Yeah I do apreciate the input - the wrist rest and red (or any other colour would also be good, lol) WASD are what I like.

    As well as just the general design/construction. CM Trigger was another one I like, but it's more expensive so that's why I'd go K60.

    Also, numpad.

    Backlighting is another feature I like, and was originally looking for, but the red WASD mostly solves that, and brings other benefits.

    Anyway.. the mice are feeling neglected :p
  3. hamza_tm

    hamza_tm Well-Known Member

    10 Apr 2012
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    Lol OK

    Anyhow laser mice tend to all have at least some form of acceleration or something that is a let down if you play fps much (no biggie for RTS etc though). Opticals on the other hand can have 1:1 perfect sensors which is pretty nice. Although if you aren't a competitive kinda guy you probably won't realise or care, so focus only on features and layout.

    Since you have no desire for multitudes of buttons, something like the Steelseries Ikari optical has what looks like the right design. Pretty cheap too, and I'm sure it used to be like one of the best mice a year ago or something.

    The deathadder has a perfect sensor and a shape loved by palm grippers world wide too. Not exactly like an MX Rev but worth a look.
  4. Marvin-HHGTTG


    10 Oct 2010
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    Anything but Razer. The build quality is not fitting of products of that price range, and they're not fantastically reliable (scroll wheel went on my Naga after 3 months, one of the mouse buttons went on my Deathadder too) either. On the same note, I wouldn't recommend a Roccat (scroll and click reliability issues) either. The G700 I had, I found it inprecise, but the MX518 was impeccable, so I'd just avoid wireless Logitech mice for gaming. The Mionix mice get universal praise, and are comfortable, just somewhat hard to get hold of the Naos it seems.

    As for the Saitek Cyborg R.A.T series, I'm getting on well with my MMO7, and can be adjusted for my large hands, which means I've got the most comfortable mouse I've ever had, plus a simple software suite which works well, and solid build quality. I couldn't necessarily recommend one yet, as I've had it but 2 months, so not long enough for a decent reliability report.

    I did find that the local Currys/PC World (Currys I think though) had a good range of gaming mice, including the R.A.T series, a couple of Mionix, Razers and Steelseries, so it might be worth a trip to those to get a feel for them.

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