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Equipment Sony A7 - Which one? £1k budget inc lens/es

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by Shadow_101, 12 Feb 2020.

  1. Shadow_101

    Shadow_101 Minimodder

    12 Feb 2004
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    At least a couple of years since I’ve posted, but wanted to get thoughts on the above.

    I had originally planned to pick up a 5D Mk2 (~£400) and buy some L glass with the rest of the budget (£600). However, the reason I’m looking to refresh my cameras is to take more photos of the family and from reading around the Sony A7's are moving many traditional DSLR users to the smaller form factor and convenience.

    I'm finding the A7 line up a bit of confusing mess of numbers, and I’m less experienced with lenses.

    So my questions:
    * For the budget, what’s the best in the A7 line up? any personal views on the A7s coming from Canon cameras.
    * Any recommendations on a good, multipurpose lens for the A7?

    Current Cameras
    Canon 550d + 50mm + Sigma 80-200mm
    Panasonic Lumix LX7

    edit: should add - Dont mind second hand, and not looking for extra features like 4k/WiFi etc.
  2. M_D_K

    M_D_K Minimodder

    3 Apr 2002
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    Think I'm a bit late to this thread but.....
    I went from a 1DMk4 to a Sony A7III and its night and day for AF and qualtiy and features etc...

    The A7II is still a really decent camera but I don't think it quite has all the AF features the III has but if you can find one in your budget I'd go for it such a neat little bit of kit.

    The bodies though are really small so took a bit of getting used to what feels like a toy lol.
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