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News Spore Limited Edition unveiled

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 25 Jun 2008.

  1. LordPyrinc

    LordPyrinc Legomaniac

    7 Mar 2008
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    I went to a Best Buy (actual store, not online) this weekend and they had the "Spore Creature Creator" box in the game aisle for around $10 US. So EA is trying to make money off something that can be downloaded for free? Why the heck would anyone pay money for something that just allows you to create a new species? Reading the description from Best Buy online, all you can really do is create the creature, but there is no game to it. Seriously... WTF?

    Next will be cheap, plastic, (lead painted) action fictures for purchase (before the game actually releases).
  2. Major

    Major Guest

    You get a lot more features with the full SCC. Also when you buy the actual game you get the money back. So what's the fuss? Your getting it for free.
  3. zero0ne

    zero0ne Member

    19 Jul 2004
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    almost half this thread is nancy boys... geeez.

    Go try the Spore creature creator (download the demo from the site) and then you can come back and talk about if the game will be worth it or not.

    I am pretty sure everybody who has messed around with the SCC is going to buy the game. (assuming they like the concept of the game to begin with)

    with regards to the price, I love being in America! (well OK I lied, I'm going to LOVE being in America once Obama is President)
  4. Veles

    Veles DUR HUR

    18 Nov 2005
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    The one you get for free only had 25% of the items you can attach to the body, the one you pay for is the full version. You also get a voucher for the amount the editor costs off the retail price. It just allows you to make loads of your own creatures ahead of time to populate your planets.

    I think the RRP is a bit of a piss take TBH, first they put DRM on it, and now they've priced it at possibly the highest price point a regular PC game has been before. In part due to the DRM they've put on there in the first place since that will be costing them money.

    Obviously you can get it cheaper than RRP online, but I'm seriously considering giving this one a miss on principal even though I was really looking forward to this game. I foolishly believed EA when they said they're going to be turning themselves around, if anything they've gotten even worse :(
  5. Panos

    Panos Member

    18 Oct 2006
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    The creator isn't the whole game. How is possible for someone to like/dislike the game when the only thing we can play is the creator??
  6. Redbeaver

    Redbeaver The Other Red Meat

    15 Feb 2006
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    i fell in love with it just by playing the creator.. its like a preview of things to come... the game design, the details, the play, etc....

    that being said, no, its impossible - or not completely fair, rather - to like/dislike a game with only a preview, but some preview cant really realy do a good job.
  7. BentAnat

    BentAnat Software Dev

    26 Jun 2008
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    I actually mailed one BIG ratn about this out to some of my mates last night. It's a horrible hype machine in full swing. Too many extras that make people feel pretty, and too few that add anything real to the game... I understand the art book. I even understand that hardcovers are better than paperbacks. What i fail to understand is the National Geographic DVD... WTH??? What've they got to do with the price of a game?

    Personally, i'm not a good person to ask, though: I already decided to avoid the game like every other game by THAT CERTAIN PRODUCER (save for the first Sim City)...
  8. Amon

    Amon inch-perfect

    1 Jun 2007
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    Am I the only one here who thinks they should have called it the "Unlimited Edition"?
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