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SketchUp SR-2 Display Box [D-Box] Scratch Build

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Obsidian Rift, 1 Mar 2011.

  1. Obsidian Rift

    Obsidian Rift What's a Dremel?

    19 Feb 2011
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    Hello Everyone!

    I've been lurking around for several months now, so I've decided to start something "new"... (Btw this is my first thread and first time using SketchUp.)

    Why "new"? I've been through hundreds of work logs (and retail cases) but yet to come across one that really showcases the MB, as with the SR-2, I think its the main focus of the whole build (or any build). Your comments are greatly appreciated as this is my first time (so many "firsts" ) dealing with both water cooling and building a case..

    Without torturing you with my bad command of English, I present to you [D-Box]!

    Evga SR-2 Motherboard with Evbot
    2x Xeon X5680 CPUs
    4x GTX 580s (couldn't find any SketchUp model so I used a 5970 )
    RAM (undecided, please advice. The SketchUp is for "show" only)
    Corsair AX1200 PSU (couldn't find e model too )
    Double loop with CPU loop + MB loop and GPU loop. (Most prob Koolance SR-2 Block)
    EK Supreme HF CPU blocks/ Heatkiller
    EK GTX 580 blocks
    Yateloon fans
    02 x Laing DDC w Res (undecided) or Koolance RP-452X2
    02 x TFC 480 or something slimmer/ slimmest Rad I can fit in?

    Please advice on the above build, your comments are greatly appreciated! Now the pics~ (ps there's suppose to be an opening above the rads, wasn't sure "how to" in SketchUp)




    Thanks for looking!!

    Best Regards,
    Obsidian Rift.
  2. ixmatal

    ixmatal What's a Dremel?

    16 Nov 2010
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    Looks to be a nice, clean, and very straight forward setup.

    Where are you planning on placing the drives, in the empty space at the end of the MB?

    Is the clear part of your case is going to be completely smooth plexiglass? If so then it would be very wise to incorporate a ventilation system into the base in order to evacuate all of the waste heat from the non-water cooled components. Other wise you will run into heat related errors despite the water cooling. Of course you could perforate the top piece of plexi, but then you will still need a fan or two in the base to create an upward airflow through the display case.

    Another thought, the SR2 with 4 GPU all water cooled is going to be close to 20 pounds/9kg. You are going to need a very rigid support system in the base.

    I look forward to seeing your adventure unfold.
  3. Cheapskate

    Cheapskate Insane? or just stupid?

    13 May 2007
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    I see some 'convenience issues' with the design.
    As stated above, you have all those fans, and none of them are moving air over the board.
    The reservoir is in a tricky spot. You will want room for wiring and some space for a fill line.
    Think about your wiring NOW.:D A completely clear case will end up as a wiring display. I'd recommend mounting the board on an extended box you can use to route cables and hoses with.
  4. Guinevere

    Guinevere Mega Mom

    8 May 2010
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    A few points / questions:
    - You've got 4 cards venting into a sealed cavity. Wouldn't it be better to have the MB flush to a side.
    - You'll have a bit of restricted airflow in the base
    - What's the aim of this build? IE Why do you need 4 GPUs?
    - What cheapskate said about res + wiring
    - You need to think about how you're supporting the MB, you don't want the dreaded lean
  5. Picarro

    Picarro What's a Dremel?

    9 Jun 2009
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    If it was me I'd tilt the mobo back a bit, and place both radiators "under" the tilted mobo.

    But hey, cudos for building something like this!

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