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Windows starcraft unbalanced?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by rito, 25 May 2008.

  1. rito

    rito New Member

    19 Sep 2007
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    Me and my brother both play starcraft, However we have disagreements if its unbalanced or not.
    e.i. 10 minutes in to the game my brother goes and send 12 upgraded zerg against my 3-4 zerg sunken colonies, he wins, I say that it's stupid that 12 weak units that are upgrade can take out my 3-4 sunken colonies and 4-6 zerglings.
    e.i. 2, 30-40 minutes into the game, i'm protoss he's zerg. i build 6-10 carriers and defeat him, he says that the game is unbalanced because he has no defence against them. i say no because he should have zerg rushed me.

    most of the time i say its balanced when i play protoss and he play zerg or terran or protoss. i say its unbalanced when i play zerg and he plays zerg, protoss or terran.

    Are we both right?
    or are we playing wrong?
  2. koola

    koola Active Member

    11 Jul 2004
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    You sound like nubs complaining ^^.

    It's very well balanced but requires speed and a good strategy to win. Your obviously not building the correct tech to counter or have not perfected your micro skills. Best to play on Bnet as you learn very quickly from your mistakes.
  3. BlueTrin

    BlueTrin New Member

    15 Dec 2007
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    Starcraft is probably the most balanced game that ever existed containing more than 1 "race" ...
  4. Amon

    Amon inch-perfect

    1 Jun 2007
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    One race is inherently weak to another; it's a symbion relation.

    Your best defense, although weak, against Protoss Carriers, as a Zerg player, is probably a combination of Plague and many Hydralisks or Mutalisks. Terran, on the other hand, have Wraiths, Goliaths, and Valkyries, combined with Ghosts; but that same Terran combination would be slaughtered by a combination of Zerg Guardians, Hydralisks or Ultralisks, and Mutalisks.

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