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Storage Steam hdd, new SSD question

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Blackmoon181, 28 May 2012.

  1. Blackmoon181

    Blackmoon181 Geography,Its not just colouring in

    23 Nov 2008
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    Hey guys

    I've recently built a new pc and have installed a fresh copy of win7 on my ssd. I have an old hdd that has come from a previous build which has win 7 and all my music, steam games etc on it and have plugged it into my new case.

    How do I get steam to work?

    Is there a way to get the old window files off the hdd?

    How can I play my non steam games? The witcher 2 won't work?


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  2. GeorgeK

    GeorgeK Swinging the banhammer Super Moderator

    18 Sep 2010
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    For steam (games only mind - not saves) you should just be able to copy across the steamapps folder to your new steam install. Non-steam games will usually require a reinstall - just make sure you get a backup of your save games before you do. This website is very useful for finding where your game saves are stored. For anything using Games For Windows Live, you'll need to not only transfer the save files but also a copy of your profile iirc... - can't find a link right now.... - just be certain before you delete anything!

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