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Steambans now closed

Discussion in 'Game Server' started by Green-Hornet, 25 Sep 2013.

  1. Green-Hornet

    Green-Hornet I am Green and I Sting

    8 Feb 2010
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    After a long and painful process Steambans has now closed.
    For many years a group of volunteer admins overviewed demo's submitted by members and helped to cut down on the cheats that make all on-line gaming a pain.
    Whilst we will never remove the cheats the fact that a service like steambans existed is testament to the fact that most people play fair.
    I am proud to have been a part of steambans, and I thank all those who were involved and all those who submitted evidence.
  2. aLtikal

    aLtikal 1338-One step infront of the pro's

    7 May 2008
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    I also submitted demo's to steambans back in the day. Was a great service and its a shame to see it end but I think their ending for the right reasons. The community IS less active and there the demand for is lower.

    However you could say it was a success. It served its purpose and delivered a cleaner game environment for game servers, amongst a very frustrating cheat-ridden time. That's priceless in on-line gaming.

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