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Planning Submerged pc, what do you need?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Asulc, 1 Mar 2009.

  1. Asulc

    Asulc Minimodder

    18 Jul 2007
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    I am thinking about creating a oil submerged computer as a project, but I do not know what I need to do to make it work. I have looked at the projects, and am confused as to what the radiators are for...

    Would it work to create a two section system, the PSU, mobo, gpu, all in one section, sealed and covered in oil, and the hard drives and dvd drives in another section? How would the wires be passed between the sections? Anything I should know?
  2. bigsharn

    bigsharn Officially demotivated

    9 May 2008
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    If you have a sort of vertical rack setup, it shouldn't be too hard to do

    get an aquarium, fit the mobo, gpu and psu in, fill it so that it touches the top of the GPU plus half an inch(?), then build a compartmnet to go on top, with holes drilled in the compartment for the wires to come down through the oil

    the only thing is I wouldn't put the PSU in there, because you need to connect the mains supply to the PSU and that could turn out nasty if your oil becomes conductive at any point

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