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Sued over cheap flights

Discussion in 'Serious' started by GaryP, 30 Dec 2014.

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    7 Aug 2005
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    I would be interested to see the original complaint and know in which state it was filed and in which court (state or federal). Most states and the federal government have what are called "Anti-SLAPP" laws, SLAPP standing for Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, and they basically make suing someone to shut them up illegal. Depending on how the law is written, someone being sued can file an anti-SLAPP suit against the plaintiff and have a hearing on the matter. If the original suit is found to be intended to suppress speech then not only does it get tossed, but the person who filed it is liable for damages. Another twist in Anti-SLAPP laws is that an attorney can take on the case pro bono (for free) and then recover attorney fees from the original plaintiff if the suit is found to be censorious.

    Someone should forward this to popehat.

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