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Build Advice Suggest a Nano ITX or a Pico ITX board

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rowin4kicks, 1 Apr 2009.

  1. rowin4kicks

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    5 Feb 2006
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    Hey guys

    Im currently building a watercooled i7 rig into an A05b and i want to use the two drive bays to house a much smaller system that i can use to download files and to keep my itunes library (basically my music not really any movies as i can see streaming them over a network being a problem).

    I have two 5 1/2" Drive bays worth of space to play with which means im just out of reach of banging in a mini itx mobo. all i need to fit into the space is the mobo, an 80mm fan, a PICO Power supply, and a 7" touch screen up front, for changing the music slash for sheer convenience.

    I have looked into pico itx and found only one real mobo that i can use the VIA EPIA PX 10000 Pico-ITX
    As I under stand its the same board that Langer is using in his mod and for pretty much the same purpose. But i have found a few reviews slating the board and just not recommending at all.

    I have also tried to look into Nano ITX boards but to no avail, i think they may be the better option as i have the space to play with and you can get more bang for your buck the larger you go.

    Can anyone recommend me any options on the motherboard, or a good supplier for touch screen panels .

    My other option is just to buy a new mac mini and either shove it into the case or whack it outside and control it through a larger touch screen (i would prefer not to do this as it has a larger power consumption and it would just be cooler my way).

    Cheers in advance

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