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Rant Sumolounge UK - anyone had experience with them?

Discussion in 'General' started by DarkReaper, 28 Nov 2008.

  1. DarkReaper

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    9 Jan 2004
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    So I really want a majassive beanbag for my bedroom - and Sumo's marketing strategy of giving free ones to webcomic artists worked well in my case because I decided on an Omni, and ordered one from www.sumolounge-uk.com towards the end of September.

    I then got an email on the 25th saying they were out of stock of my chosen colour, and it would be four-six weeks before they arrived. I wasn't too worried since it gave me time to rearrange my room and make space for it - but it's now over two months and I haven't heard anything. Just fired them off a polite but peeved email and am wondering if there's anything else that I should do - perhaps just cancel and get one of the Bazaar Bags that seem to be sumo clones?

    Anyone else ordered from this company? How long did your order take?

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