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Electronics Sunbeamtech 16 color Leds with Remote

Discussion in 'Modding' started by TARIKK, 13 Sep 2011.


    TARIKK Member

    19 Feb 2009
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    Guys have you seen this before, looks really nice,

    2 x 30 cm led strips with a remote :naughty:


    And here is the video of it, I have tried but couldn't embed the video.


  2. Tealc

    Tealc New Member

    6 Oct 2010
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    I've got something similar but it has a different 4 pin connector, is a metre long (or longer if wanted) and has twice the number of LEDs. The one RGB driver unit can drive several metres of LEDs. The strips themselves can be separated into sections of 3 diodes each if desired and arranged.

    It also came with a 44 key remote unit which has additional colours available and also buttons to mix colour yourself and set 'DIY' colours. It also has several different colour cycle modes. Don't have a lot of pictures unfortunately but I do have a video of it in use inside my G11.

    Got it of eBay for £12 something (1 metre) version. Additional strips are cheaper if bought without the driver and remote unit.

    Another vid showing the illumination. This flickers a little as I have two driver units and found one to be like this. The other is fine though. Will pop this faulty one open and see what's the issue.

    I quite like them. Was going to create my own circuit but at these sorts of prices I couldn't resist.
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