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Windows Sygate / Coreforce Alternatives for Win7

Discussion in 'Software' started by N4N01D, 1 Oct 2012.

  1. N4N01D

    N4N01D New Member

    29 Apr 2004
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    Having used Sygate for years until it was bought over and killed by Symantec I then moved to Core Force. Sadly neither are in development or work with Windows 7.

    If anyone could recommend a good alterative (Free or Feeware) it would be a great help?

    It must have -

    • The ability to open inbound / outbound ports to specific applications and protocols
    • Have a secure setting that blocks everything and prompts for access via popup that can be selected to "remember" the setting
    • The ability to port forward i.e. 80 to 8080 inbound
    • Ideally not have any other junk installed with it, i.e. AV, Malware Scanner etc
    • Ideally not have a gui thats desiged for idiots that dont know what a firewall really can do.

    So far the closest thing I've found in Zone Alarm Pro (Free does some of the above). I wasnt a fan of Tinywall or Comodo either.

    Anyone got any tips please?

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