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Development Symbian Software - PC Control

Discussion in 'Software' started by Shadow_101, 14 Sep 2007.

  1. Shadow_101

    Shadow_101 Mudkips.

    12 Feb 2004
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    I’ve just upgraded my mobile to the Sony P1i Smart phone and I’ve been scouring the internet for software for it but with not much luck. I’m after a bit of software that will allow basic pc control using wifi(ideally) or Bluetooth(bleh)

    The type of functionality I’m looking for is lock computer, standby and hopefully volume control. However I can’t find any applications that offer anything like that.

    Has anyone else used or seen any software like this for a symbian OS phone?

    Or has anyone got experience programming for symbian phones/would it be possible to write something my self in vb .NET ?

    OS 9.1 UIQ 3.0

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