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System Hosed, Help!

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Snafu-X-, 19 Jul 2008.

  1. Snafu-X-

    Snafu-X- New Member

    27 May 2005
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    Last night, the POS 6800gt from Leadtek in my system died. I tested the card in another system and confirmed doa. So I slapped in a 9500pro out of my backup system, uninstalled the nvidia drivers and installed the latest ati. At this point, everything seemed fine. However, after more than a couple minutes at idle, the system hard locked. I rebooted and all seemed well until the next time I let it idle a few minutes, it locked up again. It was late, so I rebooted and went to bed.

    Unsuprisingly, it was locked up this morning as well. This time, when I rebooted it ran through the xp chkdsk and corrected some errors on the hd. Now, my install is totally messed up. All my desktop icons are gone, including my documents. My documents doesn't even show in My Computer, though it IS still there in the C: directory. Windows appears to have reverted to when I installed, as it keeps asking me to take a tour of XP!?!. None of the programs that I have load at bootup are loaded. And firefox acts like I just installed it, all my bookmarks and history are gone.

    I've run system restore, but it won't succesfully rollback to any save point I've tried. Virus definitions are up to date, but when I ran a full system scan, it only scanned 2k files and said everything is fine??

    Running xp pro sp2, p4 3.2, 2gb ram, 9500 pro:( I am at a loss on where to start at this point, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. mm vr

    mm vr The cheesecake is a lie

    18 Nov 2007
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    Seems like something is heavily fooked up there :(

    If you can, you could check your HDD's SMART status. SpeedFan has a pretty good SMART viewer (just google it, it's free).

    Else, it might be bad memory too. Try running MemTest.

    If nothing helps, you've gotta reinstall Windows. If there are problems installing and/or after installation, it's bad hardware.

    Also, my friend who has a Fujitsu Siemens (it's an OEM computer) recently got his mobo replaced because it was broken, Windows acted strangely and stuff disappeared. Not even a reinstall helped.

    He isn't the only F-S owner I know who has had a broken mobo. Actually every one I know has a changed one, except me who's a lucky one who bought an early one when they still used branded mobos.

    Just a FYI :)

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