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Case Mod - In Progress Taming the beast

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Twisty, 29 Sep 2010.

  1. Twisty

    Twisty :-)

    28 Sep 2010
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    Hi All,

    This will (hopefully) be a very simple and quick mod.

    The rig, which I built a few years ago, is a bit of a beast - despite removing my RAID 0 arrays and going down to 2 HDD it is still very loud. It has a cheap-ass Thermaltake water kit with a loud pump, mk1 raptor and a gazillion fans. I want to quieten everything so it can sit next to my TV.


    I received the first batch of bits

    I am awaiting the second package which is
    Aerocool CoolPanel fan controller
    1/4" Fillport
    EK-DDC Plexi pump top
    Feser One Fluid - UV Purple
    1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3,
    LiteOn IHOS104-37 4xBlu-Ray, 8x DVD
    Compression fittings.

    To Do
    Fit all the bits - go down to 1 HDD.
    Flip the PSU vertically

    With any luck I will be posting pictures of the completed PC after the weekend!

    Questions. (appreciate any input)
    Does anybody know a good quiet PSU which is short? I only have 138mm height at the top of my case without cutting through the rail that supports the PSU. My current PSU is 160mm long and most new ones appear to be 140mm. I do have a 135mm long PSU but that is an ancient 400W Antec (v1 ATX) which would need a lot of rewiring and is probably not up to the task.

    I am going reservoirless in the new setup. Do I need to leave an air bubble in the top of a hose somewhere to reduce pressure build up as the liquid heats/cools, or do I not need to worry about this.
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