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Modding Temperature Effects of overclocking? Help/Advice Requested

Discussion in 'Modding' started by mangozine, 15 Jan 2011.

  1. mangozine

    mangozine What's a Dremel?

    2 Dec 2010
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    Hi guys,

    While I'm not relatively new to the 'Build Your Own' gang, it's been a good few years since I built a 'modern' PC -- my last one was an E6600 overclocked to 3.06MHz, so I'm just after some help and/or advice really...

    Anyway, my E6600 generally ran with a CPU temperature of 68 (SpeedFan) and this seemed to run fine all the time.... More recently, last week I built an i7-950 system on an Asus P6X58D-E board in a NZXT Phantom Case. While I'm not massively into major modding and such-like, I noticed recently that my CPU temperature now fluctuates between 23 and 28 (SpeedFan again), which seems ridiculously low.

    I currently use an Akasa Freedom Tower cooler and have fitted a 120mm fan at the front of the case -- the whole thing runs very quiet, with only the DVD drive making a racket when it gets going.

    I've seen overclocks of 4MHz+ reported, and just wondered what would be a 'reasonable' figure to aim for before the CPU temperature starts tipping 50+ degress? And probably more importantly, I gather this has some kind of effect on how fast the RAMspeed should be running at? I won't pretend I have a clue how that works... lol... I have Kingston 1600MHz fitted.

    Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated... Am wondering if Asus' own overclocking software is worth bothering with, has anyone else got experience using Turbo-V?

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