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Windows Terminator 4 - Salavation - The Game

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mr Flibbles, 11 Jun 2009.

  1. Mr Flibbles

    Mr Flibbles I'm not part of the solution....

    7 Feb 2009
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    My flat mate recently downloaded a copy of this game, and one evening I decided to bogart his computer and give it a go. I haven't seen the film yet, but is on my list of things to do (even though several of my friends have warned me not too)

    You play as a young John Connor, set in L.A 2016, from what i can get you are a normal grunt, taking orders from a leader. The tutorial section, lets you get to grips with running, cover and shooting etc. which is what you'd expect.

    Graphics were good, set in third person shooter mode, (not really a Fan) the game play, well was a bit lame, it was similar to playing gears of war (Gears being a far better game), running into cover and having to utilise this to flank enemies. The terminators were easy to defeat, (I was playing on normal difficulity) the weapons were basic and you couldnt grab a Terminator rifle after blowing them up, which was a dissapointment, but there was an endless supply of ammo.

    The load screens were annoying, seems after every conversation, a load screen pops ups, breaking the game play and the "so called" action. The levels, broke up into your normal shooter game seveal levels of running on foot, a couple manning a turret on a car, and near the end a terminator tank.

    This game IMO was too easy, the story line a bit vague, going into the middle of skynet to rescue a few "fallen". I would have expected the terminators to simply over run the character you were playing, but they didn't. They walk to a specific location and just walk back and forth?!? Making it easy to destroy them.

    If you like FPS and crave action, with good FMV's and graphics, dont get this game you will be sorely dissapointed.
  2. Suicide

    Suicide What's a Dremel?

    8 Jun 2009
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    TBH i have heard this game was crap and did it only get a review score of 80% or somethink like that?.
  3. johnnyboy700

    johnnyboy700 Minimodder

    27 May 2007
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    PC Gamer gave this a pretty dismal review, %age score in the low 40's if memory serves. They said it was similar in style to GoW but very dull and repetitive - basically it typifies all that's bad in film tie in games.

    Bottom line is avoid unless you're a glutton for punishment or you find it in a bargin bin for a fiver - even then it might be pushing it.
    Last edited: 11 Jun 2009
  4. Rkiver

    Rkiver Cybernetic Spine

    23 Apr 2009
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    It'd be worth the fiver, but that's about it. As with so many movie tie ins, lots of potential, and fails to live up to it.

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