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Gaming The Duke Nukem Forever Interview

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by arcticstoat, 1 Mar 2011.

  1. haloumis

    haloumis New Member

    21 Feb 2004
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    What's Changed?

    I will answer that, well after 15 years i have a family and i am passing my pre-middle life crisis. I almost forgot how the last Duke Nukem was even though i finished it many, many,….., many times and i don't have time to play anymore.

    Maybe i will buy the next version for the kid...maybe not. You wouldn't buy a sexist game for your kids now days, would you? It’s not politically correct.

    Bad luck for this development company, whatever their name was. You are not getting money from me.

    Maybe I will buy for Christmas for my buddy Nick. We used to play that together. He kind of followed Dukes life style. He is a sexist, single construction worker now with a lot of time to spare. Can you developer postpone the release day until Christmas 2011?

    This is not fictional, 15 later Nick still talks about Duke Nukem but cannot afford a new PC and I don’t have time for games. The original fanbase is not there anymore stop writing about how excited people are for this release.
  2. Gradius

    Gradius IT Consultant

    3 Feb 2009
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    I never played this game before, guess will play this one.
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