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Rant The Emirates terminal sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by Jumeira_Johnny, 16 Sep 2009.

  1. Jumeira_Johnny

    Jumeira_Johnny 16032 - High plains drifter

    13 Nov 2004
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    If anyone one cares, the new Emirates terminal in Dubai looks nice, but is a organizational disaster! Be ready to ask 500 people how to find the exit, and heaven help you if you need to find a toilet in working order! Also, be sure to bring a jumper, since the AC is set to global warming.

    And, there isn't a single bar open at 2:40am, but that isn't a surprise. The upside is that they have charging stations for your laptop. not quite a frosty beer, but enough to prevent open tears.
  2. LAGMonkey

    LAGMonkey Group 7 error

    4 Aug 2004
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    Exactly why i dont fly via dubai any more. That and its a nightmare to get through immigration unless you have the magic e-gate card!

    also remember its Ramadam has just finished and Eid just started. So you were highly unlikely to get beer at all.

    I assume the Irish bar is still there in terminal 1 or was it two... its been a while and flying from gate 13 means i never got to go to the bar :( (gate 13 = helicopters)
  3. profqwerty

    profqwerty What's a Dremel?

    2 Jan 2006
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    Hehe try the old terminal in Abu Dhabi! Cash machine? Down the stairs through the tunnel (goes to car park :lol:) Toilets? Down the stairs through the tunnel. (Both are situated up some stairs by the dinosaur in a very nicely done yet unused floor).

    Also the shop in the new Etihad terminal doesn't sell TimeOut Abu Dhabi?! Only TO Dubai :p

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