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Motors the first step to a pimpin' car install is complete - its arrived

Discussion in 'General' started by samuelellis, 4 Aug 2003.

  1. samuelellis

    samuelellis New Member

    19 Apr 2002
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    somebody get me a sharp stick

    i am so angry at the installer, fist of all it catched ont he fasia adapter, no problem they will sort it, he wated to install it without a fasia adpater, i told them no then my dash would look a mess, then he claimed the unit was not suited for my model of car

    he grudgingly fixed it but it is blowign fuses when i turn it up, looks like he has the power comign from the radio memory as that is the fuse thats blowing, the unit is loose it skips & it started catching agian

    honestly some dealers should not be allowed to practice

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