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Case Mod - In Progress The shiny antec 900 build

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by bagman, 12 Mar 2011.

  1. bagman

    bagman Minimodder

    18 Apr 2009
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    To celebrate my 2,500 post count I thought It would be a good idea to start learning some modding skills. Especially when I have Lian li A70 ready to be modded, but I want to do my Lian Li some justice so I am going to learn on my Antec 900.

    I have always liked how the antec 900 looks so I am not going to change all the much.

    I am going to paint the outsides Satin Black, and the insides matt black.

    Change the blue Leds to red ones, as there is nothing really wrong with the fans, If anything i like them because of they just have 3 Leds and they looks awesome.

    I am also going to do a small simple cpu water cooling loop, with red fluid.

    I am also going to cut out some cable management holes, as they are really lacking in the antec 900.

    You are going to have to excuse the picture qualities as it is down on my phone. But when I can I will steal my sisters SLR, and my mums compact camera.

    First I have to make the case be able to support a 120.2 rad.
    Just drill a hole where that thing sticks out
    which makes you hole so you are able to attach 2 screws to the fan and rad
    then you have a Antec 900 with a 120.2 rad in the front. easy

    Now cable management holes, and a CPU back plate cut out.
    I cut out all the small holes with a dremel and the CPU cut out with a dremel to start the cut and then the jigsaw to do the big long cuts. I am pleased how it came out.
    also needed some holes on the optical drive cage thing for the 2 fans on the rad. which also turned out great.

    Tune back in soon when my arm has fallen off from too much sanding

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