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Case Mod - In Progress The small case (Lian Li PC-Q01B)

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by DarKou, 15 Aug 2017.

  1. DarKou

    DarKou What's a Dremel?

    8 Aug 2015
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    Hello all ! :grin:

    I'm a fan of small computer and ITX configuration. The thread is not for show you a big working mod but my inspiration to integrate au Watercooling in a small case.

    First, my configuration:
    • Case: Lian Li PC-Q01B
    • CPU: Intel I3-4130
    • Memory: 2x4GB crucial ballistix tactical (Low profil)
    • Hard drive: Samsung 1Tb
    • SSD: Corsair 256Gb
    • GPU: Gainward GTX750
    • PSU: Pico PSU 160W
    • CPU: EK
    • GPU: EK
    • Pump: Laing DDC10W + EK cover + EK Top res
    • Radiator: 1x120mm Alphacool
    • Fan: 1x120mm Scythe slip stream slim (or 1x140mm Cryorig XT140)

    At this time all is installed but it's not finished! I need to make new cover for the case, better Watercooling integration and more!

    Time to pictures:

    Small drill for PSU :D

    Quickly polishing of the CPU Waterblock

    The graphic card and his Waterblock
    The top cover :D

    Just the right place!

    Just a screw detail (bottom, for radiator fixing)

    Pretty Octopus!

    This week I will receive a new fix for the Pump (from Barrow).


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