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Modding Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by Scan - Update 2

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Combatus, 8 Apr 2016.

  1. Combatus

    Combatus Bit-tech Modding + hardware reviews Lover of bit-tech Super Moderator

    16 Feb 2009
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  2. Wwhat

    Wwhat Minimodder

    2 Oct 2005
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    I like that bit-tech (and sponsors like thermaltake) is keeping modding alive.
    But why only PC enclosures? There should be a movement to mod things like tablets and phones and laptops to give them some personality, and surely some people can do better than the drab designs of the average tablet and such?
    And sure it's an issue with keeping thing portable but not every mod has to be outrageous and subtlety in size can be achieved I would think. Look at jewellery, and watches, all small and portable but still with some examples of ingenuity and originality.
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