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Portable Thinking of picking up an e-reader

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by GeorgeStorm, 11 Oct 2014.

  1. Cei

    Cei pew pew pew

    22 Mar 2008
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    Kindle all the way. I've owned three - the keyboard model (3rd gen), the slimmed down Touch and then my current one, Paperwhite.

    My favourite is, obviously, the Paperwhite due to the integrated light that is frankly awesome. I have the 3G model (always have) because I frequently pick up a book when I'm out and about, and the fact that WhisperNet works overseas as well is a godsend.

    The Voyage looks nice, but expensive, and I'm not sure you really need the DPI it has. So, I'd get the Paperwhite at £109.
  2. Spraduke

    Spraduke Lurker

    23 Sep 2009
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    Another vote for paperwhite , the built in light is very convenient

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