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Networks [ThinkPad X230] ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) a mobile broadband Connection

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Unicorn, 12 Feb 2014.

  1. Unicorn

    Unicorn Uniform November India

    25 Jul 2006
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    On my ThinkPad X230, Lenovo Access Connections controls the mobile broadband connection from my Three SIM and the Ericsson H5321 3G modem. It works perfectly for that purpose, but it's also supposed to control the connection sharing via mobile hotspot - essentially I should be able to connect the 3G connection, then broadcast that as a personal hotspot via WiFi. This is shown in the screenshots below:




    As you can see, there's the mobile connection tab, the mobile hotspot tab and a prompt window which I get every time I start the mobile connection. This is the problem; If I choose the top option "Tethering is allowed and start mobile hotspot" the mobile connection immediately drops. I have tried everything including driver updates and an hour on the phone with Three themselves to get this working, but nothing I do will allow the mobile connection to stay up when the personal hotspot is active.

    This is getting serious now because I need to share this connection with my phone and another laptop when I'm out on site, and because they hadn't heard of internal 3G modems for laptops, :)confused:) the technical support people (in a foreign call centre, FYI) at Three tried to sell me a Huawei MiFi device to put my SIM into. Now, I have no doubt that such a solution would work perfectly, but it's one more thing for me to carry around all day, one more thing for me to charge every day and most importantly of all, it's an additional cost on top of the £50 Ericsson card I've put in this laptop to serve this purpose.

    I know Yariko has an X230 with a mobile connection and I am hoping he can shed some light on this.
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  2. Yariko

    Yariko What's a Dremel?

    26 Jul 2010
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    All I can say is that I deleted Lenovo network controls as it seemed to be interfering with the Windows network controls and causing some problems time to time with the connectivity. I really haven't needed to use hotspot ever, but I tested it before I removed the Lenovo's software for network control, worked like a charm so I don't know what possible problem you may have.

    Try to find some third party hotspot software, disable Lenovo's newtork controls and connect via Windows to the 3G. (And if you find good hotspot software, tell me too) :D

    Too bad I couldn't help :(
  3. dancingbear84

    dancingbear84 error 404

    16 Oct 2010
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    Just a thought, is there some way to bypass the tethering warning screen? Is it possibly screwing up the connection somehow due to a bit of erroneous software coding.

    Perhaps in the settings or somewhere you can turn of warnings?

    I don't know, I've never had a Lenovo, it is just a guess?

    Also I see that you have done driver updates, have you got the latest version of Lenovo access thingy?

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