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Watercooling Time for my first loop....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by voids sleet, 18 Aug 2013.

  1. voids sleet

    voids sleet What's a Dremel?

    3 Sep 2009
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    Hello bit tech forums

    Right so I'll dive in feet first, I've had my current build for about 11 months now and come November I'd like to add another gpu and at long last take the dive into water (yeah pun intended and what)

    at the moment my build consists of a x79-ud3 mobo, i7 3820 cpu, 2x xfx 7950 gpu's along with a ample psu in a corsair 1200w AXi (got it for future upgrades at the time) all enclosed in a coolermaster haf x

    now the 2 xfx cards (going to be 3 in Nov) are models FX-795A-TDJC, plenty of research has led me to the point of saying there non reference....

    this has me here asking you guys and girls in the bit-tech forums for help, with these cards being non reference i come to you nice people to ask for help picking out parts for a loop....

    where do i start?, what do i go for?, all these sort of questions

    and now this is me signing off, good night

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