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News Tobii unveils next-generation eye tracking platform

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 24 Oct 2018.

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    This particular platform (like the IS4 preceeding it) is unrelated to Tobii's VR offering. These devices are designed for far-field eye tracking, with the camera at some distance from the user and with a large volume your head can be within while still tracking gaze direction (and head location and orientation, the two vectors must be combined to get the final gaze target). The face-recognition is what these can be used for Windows Hello.
    For VR, near-field tracking is needed where the camera as almost right next to the eye (and can only see the one eye at a time) and - being fixed relative to the head - only needs to take the gaze vector into account. Though for VR, actual 3D pupil position is desirable for things like real-time lens compensation and calibrationless IPD setting, and this is usually inferred for a single camera per eye through structured illumination and identification of the Purkinje images (specular highlights from various layers of the eye, which with known camera and illuminator locations can tell you where that eye surface is).
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