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Other Traveling with cycle

Discussion in 'General' started by Slink, 17 Oct 2009.

  1. Slink

    Slink B7

    7 Oct 2001
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    I know a lot of you guys are into riding, so i thought i'd put the question to you lot too.

    I'm planning on spending a few months over in the netherlands, possibly over christmas as well.

    I want to take my bike with me.

    Has anyone done anything like this?, What're they like for bicycles on the ferry?. What about hotels/hostels and bicycles?.

    I've been a few times on foot and car, so know about the many many bike parkin zones (basiclly wherever you can chain your bike to).

    Has anyone got any sugestions as to what to take with me, i wasen't planning on taking a lot as i can buy clothes and other essentials over there.

    any imput is welcome!
  2. Scorpsel

    Scorpsel Imaginary Time

    29 Nov 2004
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    Did you check the ferry company website for information about bringing bikes?

    Most trains in the Netherlands have a special area to transport bicycles. You need to buy a 'bike ticket' (fietsdagkaart), only a couple of euros I believe. This can come in handy if you need to travel some distance within the country and bring your bike with you.

    What exactly are you planning to do with your bike? Just use it as a means of transportation in cities or ride it around the countryside? If the latter, you're not really picking the right season - the weather horrible in fall and winter, it rains more often than not (so bring appropriate rain gear!). Add lots of wind to that. Flat flat country + hard winds + bike = slow progress.

    In any case bring a good chain or lock. Two is better. Always attach your bike to something fixed, preferably including the frame and the front wheel. Otherwise you might just come back to find only your front wheel securely attached to a tree.

    Where are you going exactly? If I know a bit better what you plan to do I could give you more specific advice.
  3. julianmartin

    julianmartin resident cyborg.

    25 Jul 2004
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    Ferries are pretty easy going with bikes - you can ride on and off just like a car :)
  4. will.

    will. A motorbike of jealousy!

    2 Mar 2005
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    I've never taken a bike on the ferry, but when your there, I'd just make sure you've got a decent chain and if you have quick release anything it's best to take it all off if your going to be gone for any stretch of time.

    I have a nice long chain that goes through my front and rear wheels plus the frame and forks and around whatever post I'm attaching it to and I always take my seat with me and stick it in a bag or something. It just helps my peace of mind. Also it's generally better to leave it somewhere where there are people, not hidden down a side alley.

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