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Windows Tribes: Ascend

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by wst, 24 Jan 2012.

  1. wst

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    30 Aug 2009
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    I got a beta key for this the other day (thanks to their facebook page - search 'Tribes Ascend' on there), and I've had a play... and the learning curve is phenomenally steep. I used to play a bit of Tribes 1 in... 2006/7 (when it was getting slightly old ;)) so the gameplay isn't totally new to me, but this is a tough game to crack. Still, I've been improving by literal leaps and bounds in each match - scored my first spinfusor MA against a prolific capper last round and got a VGCS from them ("Good Shot") which was a huge boost to my mood.

    Anyway, has anyone else had a look at this? Anyone I should aim at specifically when in a battle?

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