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Cooling TT - Expressar RCS100

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by psychot1c, 29 Sep 2009.

  1. psychot1c

    psychot1c New Member

    23 May 2009
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    So has anyone at Bit-tech or CPC gotten their grubby paws on the Thermaltake Expressar Rcs100 yet?


    I'd love to read some really good reviews with benchmarks for this thing.(that don't come from the TT press machine;))
    Although I'd be honest and say I 'm not expecting too much. When I first saw it I thought it looked like a fantastic idea but reality has since set in and expectations have been lowered accordingly.

    Still I'd love to see someone give it a proper test to see what it is truly capable of and what it actually does IRL.

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