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Networks Tunneling stuff with bouncer - quick HowTo

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Phil, 10 Oct 2001.

  1. Phil

    Phil What's a Dremel?

    19 Jul 2001
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    First, download Bouncer from www.r00t3d.org.uk

    It's available for Windows and Linux :)
    I think there's a FreeBSD version too if anyone's using that anywhere...

    1. Find out what your ISP's webcache is. Make a note of it's IP address, and what port it uses (normally 8080)

    Below example is how to use Morpheus thru your ISPs webcache (to avoid the limits they've put it place)

    in a command promt, run the following :

    bouncer --port 1080 --socks5 --tunnel --bind

    the ipaddress above ( is, as far as I can make out, a BT webcache.

    The set morpheus to use a sock5 proxy, enter the proxy's address as port 1080
    (tools -> options -> firewall )

    and hopefully fingers crossed, that will work....

    if you need help with this please email me : email@philipveale.com
    Last edited: 10 Oct 2001

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