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Case Mod - In Progress Twister´s CM690II Mod

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by twister83, 24 Jun 2010.

  1. twister83

    twister83 What's a Dremel?

    24 Jun 2010
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    Good evening and welcome to

    Twister's CM690II MOD​

    A little history:
    I'm working already for a few years to PCs and switched between Aircooling and Watercooling.
    About two months ago, I've seen and then the cm690II it was immediately great.
    Since I wanted to make a Worklog times before and once again wanted to build a Watercooles System, I thought that it is now time.

    The Beginning:
    So I began to plan ... and in the course of this I have been in contact with Mr. Schultze.
    And a little later the biggest factor of the mod was not so unattainable to me as expected.

    At this point, many thanks to:





    I want to change a few other things on the case so it all adds up to a coherent overall picture.
    Are you asked and since I am open to all ideas.
    While I have been a few things in mind, but I think in the course of the log is still one or the other result.

    Gigabyte Ga-Ma 770T UD3P
    Amd Phenom II 956 @ 3.8 Ghz
    Gskill 4gb ddr3
    2 Samsung Spinpoint 500Gb in raid 0 f3
    ATI readon 4870
    Corsair HX 520


    Ek nickel for the 4870
    EK nickel for MB
    Ek Supreme HF Nickel
    Phobya DC 12-400Pumpe
    Phobya G-Changer 240
    Magicool Slim 240 Dual
    Watercool Silent Star HD Dual Classic
    Phobya Balancer 250
    Clearflex hose 16/10
    Ps Sleeving

    So the plan until now ... let's see what will come. Is controlled via a first pump and fan Sunbeam Rheobus.

    Two photos of the state is ...




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