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News Two PC3200 DDR reviews :: Viper Lair & PimpRig

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Cheese, 21 Sep 2002.

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    6 Oct 2001
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    Corsair 256MB XMS PC3200 DDR :: Viper Lair

    "What can we see of the XMS memory? It seems that Corsair has a very nice stick of RAM here, as it easily hits 200MHz at standard SPD settings, and even goes higher when the voltage is turned up. At turbo settings this memory reaches a very nice 186MHz at standard settings, at 3v it easily reaches 200MHz and even goes higher reaching into the 210+ range at 2-2-2 1T."

    Read the review here.

    Xtreme DDR PC3200 :: PimpRig


    "Xtreme DDR is a relatively new RAM manufacturer in the world of DDR RAM. With a name like Xtreme DDR it's hard to not be curious about whether or not their claims of being "Gamers Memory" is justifiable. After exchanging some emails with the guys over at Xtreme DDR they were rather proud to point out that their PC3200 memory was approved for the new Abit AT7 Max2 motherboard."

    Red the review here.
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