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Modding Under budget pc with custom case.

Discussion in 'Modding' started by godzilla, 25 Oct 2014.

  1. godzilla

    godzilla What's a Dremel?

    23 Oct 2014
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    As i dont have a lot of money, I picked up some 'cheap' components and made a custom case from scratch, micro atx.
    Procesor: Intel Pentium G2358 (im all about oc) 70$ (big time Intel fan, saddly i cant buy a better proc)
    Motherboard: Asus H81M-K 55$
    PSU: Zalman 500 LX 52$
    GC: Ati HD Radeon 4850 (used)
    HDD: Seagater 320Gb (used)
    Ram: Kingston 4Gb
    Case: Custom
    Case Cooling: 19W/220V fan, 9cm back fan 12V
    Total spent money: 240$
    So, i found an old beat up HP case as i wanted a really small case and did some metal work on it.
    I made an electric door to close front hole from and old cd drive and a 'box' for cable managment also from an old cd drive.
    Then it was time for the paint job (mat black).
    And installed the 19w fan. [​IMG]
    The components were in.[​IMG]
    Installed them too.[​IMG]
    Cable managment hdd and eletric door.
    Closed gate and the control panel for the case inside unfinished.[​IMG][​IMG]
    I screwed in the plexiglass and installed LEDs.
    So let me what you think.
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  2. GeorgeK

    GeorgeK Swinging the banhammer Super Moderator

    18 Sep 2010
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    Please do not post personal information (like bank details) or come on here begging for money - thanks.

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