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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by drjaydee, 1 Sep 2013.

  1. drjaydee

    drjaydee What's a Dremel?

    1 Sep 2009
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    So I've been upgrading my PC, bit by bit, and I'm looking for some advice as to what to do next.

    I followed the advice in this forum: http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=257885 and upgraded to a Q6600

    (My GPU is a 4870, not 4850)

    Now I have a few options of where to go from here.

    My initial thought was changing my graphics card, but as my motherboard is only PCIe 1, someone suggested that newer cards would be limited by this. Can anyone shed some light on how big of an impact this would be?

    My other idea was to upgrade my motherboard to something PCIe 2-compatible, allowing me to get a bit more out of my CPU, and allowing me to get more out of my graphics card when I do upgrade.

    Also, some S775 motherboards are DDR3 compatible, is this the same sort of speeds that would go into newer boards, or are they much slower?

    So, to cut a long post short, how do people feel about my upgrade options? Have a missed anything? What should I be upgrading to?

    Any input would be much appreciated.


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