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Other USB3 - No Mainboard Connector - Help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dadoftriplets, 10 Jun 2012.

  1. dadoftriplets

    dadoftriplets New Member

    14 Feb 2012
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    Hello all.

    About 6 months ago, I built myself a new pc, which fitted my needs. Problem arose with ventilation and heat (case was a Coolermaster 360) so I found a Silverstone PS05-B case going cheap on Scan for £35 so picked one up. I noticed that the case was the updated version with 2 USB3 ports on top. Never thought to chek the mainboard, but thought as I had USB3 onboard at the rear, thought there would be a connector for the two external ports - How wrong was I!!

    Now, I know most things can be found as a PCI or PCIe card, but one thing I cannot find is a PCI card with a USB3 port onboard - not even the cards with USB3 ports have any connections to allow further ports from the case to be attached.

    Mainboard is an ASUS P8Z68V-LX

    Does a PCI card exist that will allow me to take advantage of these two accessible ports on the top of my new case, or am I going to have to see if I can get hold of a replacement to change them down to USB2.0? If so, Where and how much? Usually a trawl on ebay will bring something up, but having spent some time typing various search words, into ebay, nothing came up.


    Thanks in advance
  2. faugusztin

    faugusztin I *am* the guy with two left hands

    11 Aug 2008
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