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Networks Using Netgear WFR614v9 as a switch

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by wst, 8 Mar 2012.

  1. wst

    wst Minimodder

    30 Aug 2009
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    Downstairs I have a Micradigital router connected to my cable modem (via the WLAN port), a PC which is downstairs, and also to the Netgear WFR613v9 which is upstairs. Upstairs there is a PC connected to the WFR614v9 (and soon an xbox will be connected to it, hence needing the switch-ability). The Micradigital router is connected to one of the numbered ports in the WFR, not the WLAN port.

    Now, I'm currently able to connect to the internet via the WFR... but I am unable to access the router setup page. So... I'm not sure if my WFR is being totally transparent (good thing?) or whether it's just failing to show my browser the setup page.

    Here's the curious thing... when I was faffing around trying to get access to the setup page, I managed it! However, whenever I was able to reach the setup page of the WFR, I was unable to connect to anything beyond the WFR!

    Now I cannot see the setup page, but I can connect through the WFR to the Micradigital network.

    I am very confused. I mainly want to be able to use the setup page on the WFR to make sure that I can keep an eye on anything that connects to it (though peculiarly the wifi radio light is off, which... might have been because I turned it off at one point when I could access the setup page... but since then I've 'factory reset' the router so I would have thought that it would have turned the radio back on...)

    Can anyone interpret my ramblings into something understandable and even just enhance my knowledge of WTF is going on... also, am I still secure? Don't really want leeches, understandably :p
  2. nimbu

    nimbu Modder

    28 Nov 2002
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    Chances are the WFR and the Microdigital router are both trying to use the same IP and router devices with default to or

    Unplug the WFR from the network.
    Check what the IP address of your MDR network and what the range of the DHCP lease is. Chances are the ip address for the MDR will be either or and the DHCP range will be 192.168.x.2-192.168.x.254

    Modifiy the range for the DHCP so that the range ends at 192.168.x.249

    Factory reset the WFR.
    Plug a machine directly to a LAN port of the WFR.
    Login the to WFR (default details are on the back of the unit)
    Disable the DHCP service on the WFR
    Change the LAN IP address of the WFR to 192.168.x.250
    Save, modem will restart.
    Plug the MDR back into the LAN port of the WFR and you are done. Any time you need to get to the setup page on the WFR just login to 192.168.x.250

    So now you have essentially have the WFR configured as a switch and a Wireless access point. Hope that helps!

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