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Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by abbas-it, 23 Aug 2014.

  1. abbas-it

    abbas-it We came, we saw, we mod, you awe!

    1 Jun 2011
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    Hi guys, i would like to introduce you to my entry for the 2014 DCMM Sky Receiver Mod.[ please just click the pics for the whole Albums./SIZE]

    It took place in the CE-Mods category and won 2x third place. It actually only took me a few evenings and about 30 to 40 hours to finish.

    so here goes first of all with a self composed Poem to Highlight my plan.

    As the Viking Warrior drew his sword
    clenched his shield and bared it broad
    He stood up stout, no sign of fear
    And loud he`d shout, so enemies hear
    Tonights the night, now is the time
    the last bell sounds the last hour chime
    and if we fall, then may we dine
    up in Valhalla, the viking sky

    By Ali Abbas /alias Alan-Lee , 2014 AD

    the plan is to build a sky reciever in a stash crate viking style. i intervened the 12v suplly for the back leds that will be in it and started covering it all in Wood first.

    the vikings who invaded England were soon partially converted to christianity and one finds some various cross forms in their art, which i also used as an element for the top.
    all the planking look is achieved by but cutting in handmade grooves so that they dont look too precise. when stained and glazed they will look as if they are Planks. the hlemet is a very essential ID part, which tells you staright away whats this Little build is all about.

    more to come..

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