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Planning Vanguard Desk Build

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Aztek, 21 Jan 2015.

  1. Aztek

    Aztek New Member

    24 Jun 2014
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    Hi Guys,

    So some of you may have seen the desk build I have been working on.

    I have pretty much finished it, but to be honest I am not happy with it. Seeing as it was done using wood (A material I am not used to) and a existing desk, I was rather limited to the layout and overall modding of the desk.

    Because I have decided on building a full desk from scratch. This one will be a bit different in that it is a corner desk, and will be made out of metal. A material I know :thumb:

    I have already started working on the design, and have put a lot more effort into planning the layout.

    I will probably be making the desk out of 2mm (Bit thicker than 1/16") sheet metal, with 13mm square tubing (bit more than 1/2"). As to which metal I will be using I am still deciding. I would prefer to have clean look, rather welding than using bolts or rivets.

    The desk will incorporate a false bottom and full glass top. I am still deciding whether to have legs for it, or to bolt it directly into the wall using self expanding bolts. There is also plans in the works to make detachable tops to transform it to an L-Shaped corner desk, but we will see where it goes.

    I have started doing some designs in sketchup. But still have a long way to go.
    Here's the latest work done in sketchup.


    I will update regularly so stay tuned :)


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